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On Her Way

La Petita asked me how people be in pictures when they were never there, so I whipped this together in a few minutes, explaining to her as I went along.



First Visit with Santa




We haven’t updated this site in so-o long. A lot has happened in the past year. A few key points…

1: La Petita is now three years old. She talks up a storm, has quite an imagination, and is nigh on potty trained.

2: We no longer live in San Francisco. Rosa was offered a phenomenal opportunity in the DC area and we took it.

3: Since arriving I’ve found work at a great company.

4: We have moved into a house that is easily twice the space as our old apartment in SF. I still don’t know what to do with all of it. I’m just happy to finally unbox all my stuff. 🙂

5: We are in the ‘burbs. This is a big adjustment for all of us. We’re renting right now, saving up money to eventually buy. Maybe we’ll buy in DC, or at least more towards the core of Bethesda (where we are now).

All this an more. Just not today. Apologies?


Per Molts Anys Ainara

Happy Birthday!
Per Molts Anys!
Feliz Cumpleaños!





We made it to Spain and have been staying with l’Avis (the grandparents) and visiting family. We’ve been extraordinarily tired on this trip and it has hit Ainara the hardest. That said we’ve been having a good time. Ainara is starting to speak a little more Catalan and Spanish and has been taking advantage of her l’Avis ans Rosa has been seeing all the people in her village that she’s known all her life. She even went out for a girls night with some of her old mates from school last night. Huzzah for vacations!


Quick Updates

Ainara at the Water Park

As the month of Fogust rolls along I thought I’d do a quick update as we haven’t posted anything in quite some time.

I picked up a job after a while of unemployment at a great company based out of New Zealand called I’m their first IT person in the northern hemisphere and since I started I don’t think I’ve had a moment of downtime. It’s great to get back in the trenches doing some of the work I actually like.

Next week Ainara “graduates” to the next classroom level at her daycare. Don’t worry, this place doesn’t have those silly graduation ceremonies, but it will be quite a change for her as she will be in a while new room.

The biggest news for the family, though, is that we’ve completely rearranged our apartment. Ainara now has her own room, as do Rosa and I. While la Petita did not really like being on her own that first night, the second night she slept the whole time and I think once we really get used to things it will be a great improvement for all of us. It is strange to walk into an almost completely different apartment, though.

Finally, last Saturday marked five years since Rosa and I met on our first date. Happy anniversary, meva Muller! T’estimo!


Sant Jordi

Happy Sant Jordi’s Day to my two girls!



Ainara Walking Down the Street


Words Ainara Uses

I spent some time recently trying to make a record of all the words Ainara uses. These don’t include the ones she knows because that vocabulary is much much larger. At the moment I’m up to 67 words which are in English primarily, but with a smattering of Spanish and Catalan. Apparently this is fairly advanced (though within all margins for error I’ve seen online). Click through to see what words she has so far!

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Ainara has found one of the many secrets to life out here; delicious pastries. Now if she’d only discover (and share!) the secret to getting over her jetlag!